Data management on the Nintendo Switch is a joke

Nintendo’s latest gaming console is finally here. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming device that can be used in multiple formats including home console, handheld console, and a desktop console. It comes with the pair of Joy-Con controllers that can act as a wireless standalone controller when not attached to the Switch. Despite all of these cool features, it has some internal problems. Currently, the data management on the Nintendo Switch is a joke.

A recent video posted by Digital Foundry shows that the Switch’s internal memory offers the fastest download speeds compared to the game cards and microSD cards. There wasn’t any significant difference between the loading times between the cards of differing speeds.

Which means you don’t need to buy the expensive microSD cards, a Class 10 UHS-I Card should be enough. All you have to do now is to put your favorite game on the internal storage and the rest on the SD card. But the problem here is the system’s data management method.

Currently, Switch doesn’t provide any option to choose the storage path. If you have the SD card installed then all the digital downloads will be stored in the external memory by default. At the moment if you want to store the games on your internal storage then you have to remove the SD card and then download the digital copies.

Other data management issues,

  • You cannot transfer saved game files
  • You cannot transfer eShop purchases
  • You cannot use same SD card on multiple consoles

The good news is that Nintendo can solve all these problems with a single software update, but considering their aggressive behavior in the past, it seems very unlikely.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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