Nintendo Switch: 10 tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s new hybrid gaming console is finally available worldwide. The Nintendo Switch can be used as a handheld or home console depending upon the user requirement. It is powered by a custom-made NVIDIA Tegra processor and has a 720p multi-touch display panel. When docked, the Switch is capable of delivering some games at Full HD resolution.

Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con controllers is priced at $299.99. It doesn’t come with any bundled game and each launch title will cost you around $60. Following are some tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about the new Nintendo Switch,

Tips and Tricks

  • Holding down ZL and ZR from the home screen will show the battery percentage briefly.
  • Tapping on the battery icon shows the available battery percentage.
  • You can check the system error log by navigating to Settings > Support/Health & Safety > Error History.
  • You can check the controller battery percentage from the home screen.
  • To reboot the system, press and hold the power button for 12 seconds.
  • The docking station can easily scratch the display. Use screen protector to avoid any hairline scratches.
  • Do not use Joy-Cons wirelessly under these conditions.
  • While detaching the Joy-Cons make sure the console isn’t in the flight mode.
  • You can add up to 300 friends.
  • Before using any external power banks, make sure it is fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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