Nintendo Switch feels like a rushed out console

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch hit stores last week, and everyone is praising this new hybrid gaming console. The switch can be transformed from a handheld console to a fully-fledged living room console in few simple steps. Nintendo Switch is obviously not the best gaming console out there, but it is definitely the best handheld console available right now.

Nintendo does a marvelous job in making the perfect handheld gaming console. They somehow managed to get all the things right that the NVIDIA SHIELD failed to accomplish. The Switch is a great hardware product but this is just one side of the equation for success for a game console, the good game lineup is the other.

A lot of Nintendo fans who are buying the Switch today, are buying it to play the new Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game, probably the best game Nintendo has created in years. And it is receiving a ton of positive responses from the gaming communities. It is the perfect launch title for the new product like the Nintendo Switch. Which leads us to the first major problem, the launch titles.

Nintendo Switch Launch Titles

• 1-2-Switch
• Just Dance 2017
• Human Resource Machine
• I Am Setsuna
• The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
• Little Inferno
• Skylanders: Imaginators
• Super Bomberman R
• World of Goo

As you can see, Breath of the Wild is the only good title available for the Nintendo Switch right now. Don’t get us wrong, the new Legend of Zelda is a big game and you will enjoy every bit of it. But eventually, at some time you will complete this game and will leave with the other gimmick titles.

Nintendo said they have built the Switch from the ground up, everything about this console is new. Which may sound exciting to you but it’s a bad news for the developers. That means each game has to be built specifically for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is not backward compatible with the other Nintendo consoles which mean you can’t even play the old iconic titles.

Some Switch owners are facing the hardware issues, to which Nintendo replied with the list of places you shouldn’t be using your Nintendo Switch. And the list is huge, you can check the list here. Hmmm, isn’t Switch supposed to provide you the freedom of playing your games anytime and anywhere you want?

This is just the beginning, check out all the problems below:

  • Poor launch lineup
  • Entirely new system for developers
  • Is not backward compatible
  • Hardware Issues
  • Connectivity issues
  • Not compatible with wireless headphones
  • Nintendo’s dead pixel policy
  • Underpowered for being a living room console
  • Low-resolution delivery
  • Joy-Cons: Uncomfortable analog stick alignment
  • Power bank compatibility issues
  • Can’t transfer save files from one Nintendo Switch

Considering all these issues, Nintendo Switch definitely feels like a rushed out console.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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