Early Access racing game Grip gets the online multiplayer update


The Grip is an Early Access arcade racing game inspired by the old-school Rollcage games. Grip promises to bring the combat racing back with a bang. The game has received a major update today. The new online multiplayer mode now lets you combat with your friends or to be precise with their vehicles.

The update also brings a new car Cygon Tempest, This is a tank class vehicle and the fastest car in the game. A new Racetrack! Norvos Acrophobia. This track is high up in the mountains and takes some serious skill to compete on. The hardest track in the game so far. Improved vehicle handling, better vehicle stability, and collision.

This is a fresh update to the Early Access game so you might notice some bugs and glitches here and there. The official update description reads, “Keep in mind that GRIP Multiplayer is very new, so you probably won’t find a game that matches all of your settings. Sometimes the game can crash in multiplayer, but hopefully, this is rare. We are looking into this issue. On rare occasions, the game can put you in a single player race instead of taking you from the lobby to the multiplayer event.” You can check the detailed release notes here.

Multiplayer Launch Trailer

Stay tuned for the updates.

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