Nintendo surprised the world with the new 2DS XL


Last month Nintendo launched their hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. Since the day of its launch, users around the world are praising this new console, some are calling it the ultimate handheld console. The Switch broke numerous selling record and it’s about to broke the Wii U’s selling record this year.

With all the hype going on the Nintendo Switch nobody expected the company to launch another handheld console. Surprisingly, Nintendo announced the 2DS XL, another handheld console from the company.

Design wise, the 2DS XL looks much sleeker and smaller than the original 2DS. It looks more like a 3DS and 2DS hybrid. The screen sizes are identical to the new 3DS XL. It borrows features from the 3DS including the C-stick, Amiibo-compatible NFC reader, with boosted processing power.

The Nintendo 2DS XL looks really promising, the only downside being a lack of display’s 3D functionality. But if you are someone who loves playing Nintendo titles and don’t care much about the 3D display then this a perfect choice for you.

Official Introduction

The 2DS XL fits between the original 2DS and the new 3DS XL. It will be launched on July 28th for $149.99 (North America).

Stay tuned for the updates.

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