Red Tints: Some Samsung Galaxy S8 units are facing display issues


According to recent reports, some Galaxy S8 users are facing display issues. People are posting photos comparing multiple Galaxy S8 units. As you can see in the above image, at full brightness some of these units happen to have bizarre red tints around the screen.

The complaints are first reported from Korea to which Samsung responded by saying it is not a hardware issue. According to Samsung, the problem can be easily solved by adjusting the display settings. The problem seems to be completely random, regardless of the configuration or model.

Samsung has debuted a new display technology with the Galaxy S8 series. The ‘Deep Red’ OLED displays are designed to achieve more accurate colors. This could be the core of the problem, hopefully, it can be resolved by recalibrating the smartphone’s display.

Official Introduction

Samsung has already started shipping some S8 pre-orders in multiple regions. If you are worried about this problem then you can dial *#7353# and choose TSP Dot Mode to test and see if your device is also affected.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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