Report: Samsung begun production of dual-screen smartphone prototype

Samsung concept

According to the recent report by ET News, Samsung is planning to test the foldable smartphone porotypes. The smartphone manufacturing company reportedly produce a number of dual-screen smartphones to carry out the tests.

Reports claim Samsung has already begun the production of these foldable smartphone prototypes and planning to make more than 2000 units. All units will be solely used to carry out the foldable smartphone tests. That means the consumer won’t be getting their hands on any of these devices any soon.

These prototypes will have two 5-inch OLED displays placed side by side bound to each other by a single hinge. There are no further hardware details available yet. Samsung has been planning a fully foldable smartphone for years now and it is good to see the company taking more efforts in the matter.

Previously Samsung showed us a concept video of a hybrid foldable smartphone that can be used as a tablet or a smartphone. We don’t know yet how this technology will perform in the actual consumer market or will it be a practical solution. Samsung decided to find it out by testing the prototypes.


Stay tuned for the updates.

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