Google I/O 2017: Everything you need to know

Google I/O '17

Google has announced I/O 2017 keynotes, wherein CEO Sundar Pichai affirmed on company’s future plan for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, Virtual Reality and plenty more.

Android Dominates

Android’s mobile dominance hasn’t stopped developing. CEO Sundar Pichai discovered at the keynote’s start that the tally of monthly energetic Android devices now exceeds 2 billion. That includes smartphones, tablets, Android wear devices, Android TVs, and every other wide variety of other devices which might be based totally on the operating machine.

The Google Assistant

Google Assistant can now analyze the sector around you with the help of your telephone camera. Using a generation the organization calls Google Lens; the Assistant will analyze your environment and show relevant content for your display screen. You’ll see a restaurant’s rating when pointing your smartphone at the storefront, you could aim it at a flower and it will pick out the species, and you may even pull up a band’s song or motion pictures by means of pointing Lens at a live performance poster.

Google Assistant for iPhones

Assistant is expanding past Android to iOS. Google Assistant may be a standalone app on iPhone and iPad, providing a number of the equal features You don’t need to wait long to try it.

Google Home

Google is popping its smart speaker into a smartphone. Over the approaching months, all Homeowners may be capable of free calls to America and Canada

Smart Home

Google’s clever speaker was already one of the excellent ones in the marketplace, however, the organization introduced a suite of different new capabilities and updates beyond calling to Home that makes it lots more powerful. Home is now going for you to manage HBO Now, Hulu, SoundCloud, Deezer, and extra. Home now acts as a smartphone, can join over Bluetooth, and gets new compatibility with offerings like HBO and Hulu.

All new Google Photo

Google Photos is getting a slew of extraordinary additions. The app will now advise which proportion of snapshots taken. Google calls this suggested Sharing. It is also introducing Shared Libraries, which permit families to collectively upload images to an important collection more easily.

Virtual Reality Handsets

Google’s VR aims are expanding beyond Daydream’s present day form, which entails strapping your smartphones for your face. The enterprise introduced that upcoming headsets just require positioning and it really works.

Android Beta

Google is launching its preview software for Android O, and the first beta is being released these days. Though it’s still the early stage of the Android O developments. But enthusiastic people can check out the big new features — stepped forward notifications, and extras by enrolling their Pixel or Nexus device.

Latest version Android Go

Bringing the “next billion” users online with phone era has been a prime consciousness for Pichai since he took over as Google CEO in 2015. It has been stated that the OS is able to run on cheap smartphones with as low as 512GB of RAM or less, and Google additionally constructed in a way for the users to get precise information on the data being used.

Google’s AI chip

During the announcement Pichai stated Google’s Tensor Processing Unit, that works on company’s TensorFlow Platform.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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