Light Phone: A credit card size minimal cell phone

Light Phone

Mobile phones are originally designed to save your time and make you more productive by instantly getting you connected with the other people. Instead, they have now become a distraction. From texting, searching queries to ordering groceries our lives have become so much dependable on these tiny gadgets. If you want to connect with people but want to eliminate all that clutter then we have a great product for you. Meet the Light Phone, A Credit card size minimal cell phone.

The Light Phone is as simple as a phone can ever get. It can receive and make voice calls, store up to nine numbers, and show the time. No text messages, no Apps, no mp3 player, and no internet. It is just a simple cell phone. It has a keypad, display, speaker, microphone, power button, lock key, SIM card slot and a micro-USB charging port.

The company said, “We couldn’t help but feel that the last thing we thought the world needed was another app. There were all of these products and apps coming out left and right all claiming to make our lives better. We just couldn’t believe any of it anymore – these products didn’t respect the user or their time. Being more connected couldn’t actually be what we needed to become happier.”

The Light Phone runs on a stripped down version of Android. The battery should last you three to four days on standby. The Light Phone is now available for pre-order at $150, It comes in black and white variants.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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