Stalker: Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut mod is out now

Stalker: Lost Alpha

Three years after its original version, we are finally getting the new improved ‘Developer’s Cut’ mod. Stalker: Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut mod fixes all the things wrong with the previously leaked version. This new mod not only fixes all the major bugs but it also adds new side quests, graphical options, and equipment to the game. Check out the trailer below,

Release trailer

Change Log:

– fixed incorrect syntax in task_manager for relation
– fixed cost for Rat pie
– fixed crash when trying to talk to wounded military on Pripyat
– fixed the handling of white niva vehicle and the model itself
– fixed the handling of lada cabrio and raf truck
– fixed the VIP card dialogue in Bar (Duty arena)
– fixed unresponsive zombies on Forest
– cleaned out all stashes of unused items
– fixed the few invincible monolith soldiers on Darkdolina
– fixed rare error with xr_effects.script:2142: attempt to index local ‘inv_box’ (a nil value)
– fixed bugs in sound engine
– check out the full release notes here

Last month the modding group Dez0wave announced the official release date for Lost Alpha’s ‘Developer’s Cut’ mod. The mod is now available to download from the moddb, you can get it here.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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