Knock Knock – Fact or Fiction?

Knock Knock

Imagine being home alone on Father’s Day weekend, with nothing better to do then complete your work at hand when your wife and your kids are away at the beach, when two harmless looking girls knock on your doorstep to seek help and shelter. What would you do? Being a gentleman that you are, you would definitely lend a hand to poor girls, girls who proclaim they are lost and had been walking around in the rain for the past half an hour. Later, when the dad tried to get them an Uber that could take them wherever they wanted to be and obliged with their request of throwing their clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes so they “wouldn’t have to go to their party soaking wet”, the girls threw themselves at the dad, and he, being only human, was too enchanted to think straight.

The next day, when the girls were making themselves quite at home, he kicked them out, but the girls didn’t stay away for long. When the girls proclaimed that they had tricked the dad into sleeping with underage girls and baited him to call the police, he called the police anyway and told them he had a break-in to report. This gave the girls a perfect reason to come back and they did. They broke into the house and not only did they not assault the guy but also raped the guy. They proceeded to attack him and torture him, even killing a friend who had come over for no reason at all, all for the reason that he had given into temptation and cheated on his wife with underage girls.

To cut the long story short, they vandalized and destroyed the house. They had been and buried the dead up in a shallow grave with only his head out, neck up, to breathe and a video of him being raped by one of the girls being uploaded to his Facebook, just in time for his family to come home and see the things that had transpired that weekend.

Fact or Fiction

Right off the bat, you should know that Knock Knock was 100% work of fiction. But a terror right downs the spine-chilling thriller that should have you thinking twice about the people that you invite into your house. It is not bad that you have a kind heart and you like to help people, but in this time and age, you never know that the homeless person that you have offered to give money to really needs it or is he or she just waiting for you to pull your wallet out and then attack you.

But, a movie such as this one should certainly serve as a wake-up call for people that are too careless with the things that they deal with. They should be careful about the people that they interact with and the people that they invite into their homes, especially if they have kids at home that could be harmed in any way by such individuals.

What Can You Do?

In the movie, we also learn that the dad had been in a similar situation before, where he was trying to help a girl out, who proceeded to stab in the shoulder sometime before the movie started. This shows that there is nothing that a parent or a teenager shouldn’t be careful about. The worst cross anyone ever has to bear is a loved one coming to harm, and they did or could not do anything to prevent that. Fortunately for them, now there is a way through which they can.

By using parental monitoring, best apps to spy phone like TheOneSpy you can keep an eye on every single move of your loved one. Whether your loved ones are home alone or they are out and about town, they could be harmed in any way by anyone, which means that unless you have placed the people that you love under constant surveillance, there is no way you can prevent that. Spy applications can provide with every single detail about them, where they are and who they are with, with the help of which you can figure out if they are in need of any sort of assistance at all, at all time.

Don’t compromise the safety of you loved ones, turn to spy application today to help you out before it is too late.

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Angela Smith is social media experimentalist and blogger at TheOneSpy spy software. She is a digital parenting expert and writes lot about children social media privacies and online safety. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @LatestTechBlog

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