Not So Impression Of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Demo

Marvel Vs. Capcom

Well, who doesn’t want a new game with shining new style and form, right? Yes, the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Demo is finally out. And guess what? You have been waiting for some really waiting for a fantastic gameplay which turned out to be somewhat rotten even though it was overhyped for a huge success!

So let’s have a look why it is not that much of a treat.

The story mode

Now we already know this demo is all about combining forces of both Marvel characters and Capcom against a demonic system. But the story flow was dull and haphazard too which will get you to feel like sitting and stretching the time for no good reason. The series of fights are same over and over and there is not much new to offer. Though this is probably the first part of the story, this demo doesn’t appear to have the fast-paced narrative of an action-packed game. Instead, it seems like a string of connected “character display” trailers, between that you get to play a combating sport and feels like dragging for long.

All you see is the combined force fight a fusion of Ultron and Sigma and a new version of both Asgard and Megaman X. Of course, you get a new city, Xgard! Does that sound funny? Although the plot has a strong base, it has to execute the storyline a bit more dramatic way. Especially when you see constant between character perspectives you tend to lack interest.

Coming to the characters

The feel of each character was like unrealistic and more than anything sleepy. This gives the combating effect a funny mode when the fast combat keeps on going while your character appears to be somewhere else and not in the mood of the game. It is actually a peculiar feeling. Until you try it you won’t understand. The demo additionally indicates models that by appearance look worse than the preceding games on last generation’s platforms.

Final thoughtT

The demo finally ends up with the leaving feeling in a state of confusion and the only thing you understand that the Ultron Sigma has a more potential power to crack you down and you are not prepared fully for it. It is obvious that the demo will not show the full story to you and will only supply you with the general idea. Yet the first impression is the last one. The Marvel and Capcom fight together to save their world from the growing evil threat where the enemy wants to destroy lives with a cybernetic virus.

The game has signs of potentiality to grab player’s attention and create a long lasting effect, but all it needs is some more visual effects and strong character modes which will enhance the plot superbly. The lack of adrenaline rush and visual effects are the drawbacks. But before you make sure anything there is no harm to see for yourself and decide. It may not be an appealing demo that does not mean you cannot give it a go.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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