Vivo could be the first one to launch the smartphone with display embedded fingerprint sensor

A few years ago Apple started a new revolution by launching the iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor. Today, almost every smartphone comes with the fingerprint scanner. The only difference being the location of these sensor.

Manufacturer’s​ are now looking to take this biometric technology one step further by embedding these sensors directly into the display of the device. It sounds cool but it is very hard to achieve.The only question now is who will be the first to do it.

Previously it is expected that either Samsung or Apple will be the first one to launch their flagship phone with this new technology. But the recent reports suggests the Chinese smartphone giant Vivo could be the first one to achieve this marvel.

According to the Chinese researcher Jiutang Pan, who is specialised in tracking Chinese smartphone supply chains, Vivo is all set to launch the very first smartphone with the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display. Vivo will make the announcement in the coming months and will take the crown of being the first one to do it.

Mr. Pan also shared a video demonstration showing this technology in action. Check out the video below,

Reports claim both Apple and Samsung are facing issues with integrating the technology into the display. Some believe this is the reason the next iPhone launch will be delayed by couple of months. We will know for sure once somebody makes an official announcement.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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