Why Ubisoft’s E3 Conference Was The Best


All the fabulous and stunning announcements made by Ubisoft’s E3 Event made a great impact on us. Ubisoft has put together a splendid press conference illustrating and demonstrating in details the upcoming news and yes, they are something you will not miss! Say, how about you come to know some awesome gaming experience packed with visually attractive skills. There are even more surprising news to share, want to know more? Read on!

  • How about you come to know that this time crossing the arena of Mario with Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids is unusually weird sufficient, as the warfare state appears to be an XCOM-like tactical recreation. Amongst other matters, it’s got Mega man-fashion arm cannons, destructible environments, and conventional Mario characters performed via Rabbids in cosplay.
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer, in the end, indicates up, after a completely lengthy absence. So yes think of a powerful release finally. This time it takes vicinity before the start of Jade, the protagonist of the authentic recreation. No release date was heard though. But an all-new exciting and interesting new trailer with a fifth detail vibe at this year’s E3 is out already.
  • Lots of fans loved Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, so Ubisoft apparently decided to provide players with a piracy-targeted recreation known as Skull & Bones. It’s a seafaring multiplayer sport wherein you build a fleet, personalise your ships, and war fellow pirates. The end result is a multiplayer tactical action recreation that encourages players to “climb the food chain and surpass the legend of every pirate who ever sailed the seven seas.” In Skull and Bones, every player is the captain of their personal pirate ship. They are able to pass it alone or form up with 4 other players for multiplayer battles. It’ll be launched in 2018. Exciting part? You might catch glimpse of Kraken. Yes, you heard right.
  • Ubisoft’s sequel to 2014 recreation The Crew is set in a fantastic world wherein you can push the speed limits of just about any automobile — motors, planes, boats, and more. There are also a few photos of the gameplay, based on the Manhattan road scene. The game comes out in 2018; however, it’s accepting packages for a beta earlier.
  • Our famous Far Cry game is going to be full of action that will be backed by a sniper, airway war zone and also a pet named Boomer who is a tough dog. The game is soon to be released on 27th
  • Another super gaming experience is coming with the Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It is a 3D animated sci-fi fantasy game that lets the gamers control and work with the Starship. The plot involves a number of interstellar pilots trying to get rid of the enemy and protect their ship from the evil group known as Forgotten Legends. The mystifying and adventurous journey will let you delve deeper into a whole new different world. It will be releasing soon for Switch, Nintendo, PS4 and X-BOX One soon.

Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference

Stay tuned for the updates.

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