How Nintendo changed the gaming industry


Nintendo is a worldwide famous video game company. They presented us some of the renowned and popular games such as The Legend of Zelda which was packed with the first RPG experiences as well as character levelling and Super Mario Brothers. Whoever has a passion for playing video games will definitely know this name. Over years they have achieved success and transformed many ingenious ideas into reality.

It was founded in the year 1889 as a playing cards and toy making company. Later to become the popular name in the gaming world. With the introduction of Gameboy in 1989 which was the first portable game console, the company’s position was massively strengthened. The popularity was so hit that it covered all the global markets with huge hits of sale. Following are some great inventions by Nintendo that changed the gaming industry forever,

  • Experiencing 3D– before you decide to work on the best 3D game, know this that Mario 64 was one of the first 3-dimensional video game and left an exceedingly outstanding performance and impression. It is still found in the favourite list of several gamers.
  • The D-Pad– with the release of Donkey King the game developers launched a directional pad which really reflected positively in the gaming world. It was later modified with the addition of numerous buttons to control it properly.
  • The Thumbstick– It is an analogue stick used to control the motion of the game and thereby increasing the real time experience.
  • The Rumble Pak- It is a peripheral device fitted with the controller in order to work well with what was happening on screen while playing. This was primarily introduced with the Star Fox 64.
  • Controlling Motion- this system of motion control is all about moving your hands while you are playing a game. The Wii Sports is the third bestselling video game that came with this motion control system.
  • Wireless controllers- another big challenging feature of Nintendo is the wireless controller. The Wavebird for the Gamecube was a nice launch that did make much progress. They are multi-functional and were designed for the effective gaming experience.
  • The shoulder buttons- this was added to the controller to increase the game experience level to give precise inputs.

Nintendo is more than a gaming company. It is a prestigious part of the all the innovative gaming experience. The company’s involvement in the gaming industry is more for several years. It has been catering creative gaming technology for all age groups.

The company’s innovative ideas have developed over the years thereby changing the overall gaming experience. This company has given us everything, handheld gaming, portable gaming, mobile gaming; you name it and they have it. They grabbed the market globally and millions of sales overflowed as they introduced the amazing Pokémon game. It has continued to present us with successful games that cannot be forgotten. Especially during 80’s and 90’s, their presence was undeniable. Undoubtedly it can be said that Nintendo is the ‘Innovator of Gaming’. And even in this modern era, you will much more look forward to ultra-modern gaming level, we cannot forget that Nintendo accomplished wonders when there was none.

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