Is The New Nintendo 2DS XL Worth It?


A few months ago Nintendo surprised the world with the yet another portable gaming console. With all the hype going on the Nintendo Switch nobody expected the company to launch another handheld console. Surprisingly, Nintendo announced the 2DS XL. The Nintendo 2DS XL fits between the original 2DS and the new 3DS XL.

Unlike the Nintendo 3Ds XL, the new 2DS XL comes with a power adaptor out of the box. It borrows features from the 3DS including the C-stick, Amiibo-compatible NFC reader, with boosted processing power. The only downside is a lack of display’s 3D functionality. The 2DS XL is a really well-built device and it is surprisingly lightweight for its size.

Now coming to the design part which is undoubtedly the best one you can get for $150 price. The camera is now moved to the hinge, the stylus is shorter and much handy, and the home button has been moved below the D-pad these, in turn, made the whole package changed a lot and for good. It can be said a sleek device which is comfortable to hold. There’s a flap which covers the micro SD card and game card slots.

What’s Special:

  • A lightweight device, but sturdy that has a fast processor offering little loading time.
  • Built-in Amiibo support.
  • You can customise your characters and can enjoy bonus items and contents.
  • The C-stick is now an enhanced tool to give you more flexible controls. With the ZL and ZR buttons, players can opt for many options

The gaming experience on the 2DS XL depends on the user preference. If you are someone who is into Nintendo games then you are definitely going to enjoy it.  If you are not into Nintendo then there’s no way you would want to buy it. But most of you will prefer it. It’s cool colours, good looks, camera layouts; everything works well with a 2D game. Moreover, you will find the Amiibo much useful in this version. Although better speakers would be great. And if you do not ever use 3D mode then this model is appealing.

So, now the question arrives, should you actually buy Nintendo 2DS XL? Well, in my opinion, a big ‘Yes’. For $150 price tag Nintendo 2DS XL has a lot to offer, better-built quality, pocket-friendly design, powerful hardware and a wide range of games to play. A lot of 3DS XL owners never actually use its 3D mode. If you are also someone who is not into 3D then grab this device and enjoy all the similar features.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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