WikiLeaks website got hacked by OurMine

Last week the hacking group called OurMine took control over social media accounts of Spain’s top football clubs. When Facebook and Twitter accounts of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid posted hoaxes about their new signings. It looks like WikiLeaks become the recent target of OurMine.

Today, when some users tried to access the website they were greeted by the message saying their WikiLeaks account has been suspended. OurMine later posted the message on the website’s homepage claiming the responsibility for the hack.

“Hi, it’s OurMine (Security Group), don’t worry we are just testing your…. blablablab, oh wait, this is not a security test! Wikileaks, remember when you challenged us to hack you?”

“Anonymous, remember when you tried to dox us with fake information for attacking wikileaks?” Link to a Twitter post and then the message continues. “There we go! One group beat you all! #WikileaksHack lets get it trending on twitter!”

The social media accounts of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid had also posted similar messages asking people to get the topic trending on Twitter.

WikiLeaks has yet to release the official statement on the issue. Stay tuned for the updates.

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