Review: FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch

Talking about Nintendo Switch and FIFA series, there is typically a feel of downer owing to the past experience. But the all-new FIFA 18 on Switch is an absolute treat for whoever wants to play a decent football game on the go. Of course, you cannot compare it with other platforms, but FIFA 18 offers good advantages and buttons to play. The most lucrative features such as finesse shots, driven lobs, and right stick skill moves are also present to give you the amazing feel of the game. So, this time Nintendo players will not have to bear any improper gaming tactics.

Merits and Demerits

One of the major problems is still evident despite the new version with updated features. The game is not running on Frostbite engine, thus lacking the visually real-time experience for players. The players will experience that the pace is a bit faster with less fluid physics of the players. But if you are not bent on having an outstanding feel then the animation is not a problem. The characters feel less detailed if you see them closely as compared to the other platforms- Xbox and PS4. Although you cannot tell much difference while playing. The overall experience is pretty enjoyable considering you are playing it on a portable console.

The commentary and the sounds of the crowd noise are not crisp but are nice to give you the real gaming feel.

If you are thinking about the single-player mode, the Journey, then it’s a complete disappointment to you. While it does have the Ultimate Team mode, this version lacks the two important features of Ultimate Team- Squad battles and Weekend League. The Ultimate League is actually the fascinating part of the whole FIFA series. After starting this mode of the game you are handed a bunch of players with random badges, kit design, and a stadium that are available in the game set. These games can earn you extra coins and you can trade for better players or buy specific players you want to.

But then again Switch does not support Ultimate Team web app or mobile app. This means you cannot access the Squad Building Challenges unlike other platforms supports when you are away from the game.

Moreover, forget about playing an online game with a mate living in some other city. Unfortunately, Switch does not support this feature which is a big drawback. You can play in online mode, but no match-making scene available. If you want to compete with your friend you have to stick to the split Joy-Con mode. Which allows you to play 1-on-1 match locally using the two Joy-Cons.

Final Verdict

Considering the features like multiple control schemes, single Joy-con or pro Controller features that are suitable for your play styles, FIFA 18 in Nintendo Switch is good to go. It will appropriately suffice you if you are not looking for accurate visual effects and online gaming with remote friends. Overall, it is not a bad idea to try Switch for FIFA 18, rather you will see some good features added in order to work surprise the players. Considering most of the players will be playing the Ultimate Team mode locally, FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch gets 7/10.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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