The Evil Within 2 Game Review

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 Game is the successor of the 2014’s release the Evil Within. The second installment in the series is released in October 2017. This horrifying, gut-wrenching game takes you as Sebastian Castellanos into a world of terror and nightmare where he enters to bring his daughter back. Everywhere terrifying atmosphere reigns and threats emerging from every corner. All Sebastian has to do is face the dangers and come out as the winner.

The Gameplay And Modes:

The opening of the game is a dramatic part where the player experiences unsettling imagery and you see enormous red curtains, wall paintings, and corridors- all looking and blinking at you. The more you delve into the game the more you feel the gripping storyline of the game. The most fun part of the game is the ghost train ride through the darker alleys. And finally, the real-time game starts in the true sense.

One can say that EW2 is a systematic and polished game of this year where the simulation parts are crafted amazingly. In search of his daughter Lily, Sebastian enters the STEM simulation i.e. an idyllic town known as Union where the ghost train takes you and stops. With the help of radio signals, you walk around the place and your fantastic quest begins.

The whole place reeks of creepiness and sinister. The place is crawling with the undead[zombies]. There he finds a few beleaguered allies from Mobius. They have been stuck in the simulation from past that is for almost over a week, suffering casualties. But they have successfully built safe houses to survive where Sebastian will find shelter to make weapons and heal.

The next scene starts with the new venture into the unknown parts of the town for the source of information and the storytelling further progresses. On the way, the game experiences little jeopardy and you might lose all your preparations that you made so far. For the feel of survival horror, many obstacles will come your way which will give you a stage to scourge around to find materials and work to craft new weapons. At the same time, you will be trying to avoid enemies.

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Nutshell Verdict

The whole story, as well as the gaming atmosphere, is impressive. The level of gameplay including the combat, surviving strategy, and the animation are all well crafted. If you start playing you will understand the narration of the story is not just a game of zombies and surviving. Rather it has extraordinary cinematic effects and suspenseful world build-up that will make you stay put until you finish. The Evil Within 2 is packed with dramatic style, raw tone, and dangerous otherworldly creatures. This time you get a wide playground with many options to play. But what more heart-pumping is every time you get pursued by brutal, evil monsters that lurk in the corner of the town Union.

If you are a fan of ghosts, undead and distorted creatures, if dark and creepy atmosphere chills your spine and at the same time attracts you, then Evil Within 2 is your cup of tea.

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