Justice League- Was Justice Really Done?

Justice League

*Potential spoilers ahead!

After decades of anticipation, DC’s Justice League has finally made it to the big screen. Everything you love to see in an action-hero movie from faith in humanity to selfless love in saving human existence and wiping out the evil power, Justice League is actually on that path. Yet the whole story lacks efficient execution and management of every event involving the superheroes and the villainous threat. In one word the movie screams ‘unimpressive’.

Released on November 17th, 2017, the plot continues after the death of Superman. With a depressing mindset after the loss of Superman, Batman forges a team with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash to save the humanity from the alien threat. It may sound wow, but actually, in the end, Superman comes alive to save them. Yes, you heard that correct! (duhh!) He seems to be the only one to stand against the mighty Stephen Wolf. With Henry Cavill’s big poster along with the Justice League crew and tons and tons articles about his mustache, it’s no wonder that he is coming back.

What went wrong?

The same old story with good guys and bad guys, fast actions, and a touch of badly portrayed emotions are not at all entertaining. Seriously, we expected a lot better. But actually, Warner Bros messed up all our expectations. From brief scenes of emotions of Lois Lane and Clark’s mother over Superman’s death followed by Batman’s miserable life as a loner were all fitting nicely until the threat showed up. Batman decided to frame a team of superheroes to save the human world from alien attack. Everything was happening spontaneously, in simple words, the plot doesn’t connect with the normal audience.

Three of the biggest DC characters are appearing on the screen for the first time and the plot doesn’t even try to explain their backstory. Yes, of course, all the fanboys can get the reference but what about the normal audience (the cash flow)? I literally saw the guy next to me yawning multiple times.

After a lot of hurdles when the team of Bruce Wayne could not do much they needed to find a savoir worth the alien. What’s worse is if someone does not have any prior idea of DC comics then they will surely end up in a pool of messy series. The fortunate return of Superman was something to watch though, but again the turn of events was extremely predictable from the beginning.

And then comes Superman’s CGI erased moustache,

Overall, according to us only last 30 minutes of the movie and the two well placed after credit scenes are enjoyable the rest feels like huge plot mess.

Final Thought

We know you might be thinking that this article is painful to read. We are talking about random stuff in random sections and nothing actually connects. Well, that was totally intentional and this is exactly how the whole movie feels like. (*Wink)

Stay tuned for the update.

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