Top 10 Dark Animes You Must Not Miss

Dark fantasy animes have always created an aura of attraction and creepiness to those who are not faint-hearted and are drawn to action sequences. Mostly these settings are referred to the futuristic world or current situation of a brutal country and its society. But one thing has to be kept in mind that these animes are only for adults as they contain serious story part and extreme violence to create the effect of reality.

So let us discuss the ten best dark animes that will make you crave for more. (We have decided not to include the really popular ones)


The world setup known as Ajin appeared about 17 years ago and are since then been a threat due to their immortality. If the society finds them out they immediately arrest them as the society doubts that Ajins is spreading terrorism. But many people of the nation care less about them yet one day Kei Nagai finds himself to be an Ajin. this legendary event changes his life from then on.

Brynhildr In The Darkness

The story revolves around a child named Ryouta who and his best friend went out searching for alien lives which cost his friend’s life. Ten years after this incident continues to prove the existence of the aliens and finally meet a student who looks exactly same like his dead best friend. Even the name Kuroha Neko is also same. Yet there is one difference which is the major turn point. His best friend can now predict death. This interesting trait of Kuroha draws Ryota into her life and a series of events follow them into a world of mysteries and adventures.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade

A very gripping, brutal and violent series that can pump your adrenaline and heartbeats. The epic battle between mortals and heroic spirits is a major attraction. The plot including solid battle sequence and interesting back-story- all are crafted superbly. The story revolves around a high-school student Shiro Emiya who lives in Japan and is dragged into the Fifth Holy Grail War which is a secret magical tournament.

From the New World

In a futuristic Japan where the country exists with low population and rulers have powers of telekinesis. Sudden circumstances bring changes the lives of five children who discover the truth of the so-called utopian society they have known earlier. As everything starts to fall apart those five children will rescue the broken nation.

Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

The story involves the ability to revive from death and get out of a deadly maze. You experience fantasy world where the protagonist has to constantly keep on trying and take harder decisions to survive. But this shows a lot of bloodies and violent sequences. Yet the challenges thrown to the hero are worth playing.

Blast of Tempest

Vengeance is the solid explanation of this story where Yoshino loves Aika, his sister’s best friend. One day when Aika disappears mysteriously along with his best friend the protagonist gets involved into a chaotic and painful world where he must find the truth.


Shimazu Toyohisa is critically wounded in the Battle of Sekigahara. As he walks out from the field he finds himself transported and thrown completely into a different world. There he meets many others who are great warriors and are a part of a group known as Drifters.

Hellsing Ultimate

A thrilling story involving great vampire of all time Alucard and army of Nazi Vampires where you will find yourself into a world of deadly terrors and constant invasions. The dark and terrifying world setup is perfect and will surely make you stick to experience an amazing action-packed anime.


The story goes as Guts the skilled swordsman joins forces with a mercenary group which is called The Band of The Hawk’. The team is lead by Griffith and together they march for the royal court. The story takes a turn when Guts leaves the Band in order to pursue his own dream which leaves his subordinate Griffith shattered.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

A virus created Kabaneri which is a monster that has a thirst for human blood. They are deadly and are challenging for people to kill. People trying to save themselves from this virus have restricted themselves in fortified cities. The gripping story continues with exotic surviving tactics and actions.

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