Avengers: Infinity War trailer breakdown

Avengers: Infinty War

Avengers: Infinity War trailer has been released and it is fantastic in the first appearance, becoming the most viewed trailer within just 24 hours of being launched. Since the beginning of Marvel cinematic universe journey 10 years back, Marvel’s superhero movies have given us some heart-pumping and adrenaline boosting stories. Avengers Infinity War trailer will be followed by Avenger 4 marking the end of the journey (Phase 3).

The trailer opens with Tony Stark, his injured hand horribly burnt and in the background we hear echoes of Nick Fury’s influencing speech to unite the Avengers, “There was an idea…” then we hear Tony’s voice saying, “to bring together a group of extraordinary people,” and finally the soliloquy is completed by Vision, Thor, and Black Widow. The question is why Vision is actually included when he was not a founder of Avengers like the rest of the members. It might be a hint of the superhero survival for the next installment.

Then comes Bruce Banner, the Hulk who has crash-landed to Earth after his extraordinary space adventure with Thor in the Thor Ragnarok. He was seen as very shocked and vulnerable as falling from such a great height to Earth. Considering the end credit scene in Ragnarok that the Asgardian spaceship faced the giant spaceship, it could actually be the Great Evil of Infinity War, Thanos. And if the battle has sent Hulk back to Earth then the battle must have been that damn destructive.

Fortunately Banner meets two known faces on Earth, Dr. Strange and Wong and even they looked shocked to have found Banner into their Sanctum Sanctorum, the hidden base of the Masters of the Mystic.

Then in another scene, we see Wanda Maximoff and Vision in his humanoid form in a dark room. This is the first time we see Vision in the synthetic human form. Was it for Wanda? It could be love, of course. It is one of Vision’s abilities to shift his form and looks. But this time it is for a special cause.

Thor is seen overlooking the chaos and destruction going on below which could be either his ship or Earth. We see Bruce looking all fresh and clean standing and talking next to the Hulkbuster glove. The scene shows that he talks with someone wearing the black suit which can be either Black Panther or Black Widow. But in the very next scene, we see Agent Romanoff or Black Widow smiling at someone. This implies that she and Banner must be talking. Well, could this be the rekindling of their lost, incomplete love?

Meanwhile, we find Tony Stark knows Dr. Strange and Wong which lead us to believe that they have become somehow acquainted with the search for Banner. Then we see Tony in a smart, sporty outfit and going for a solo mission. Finally, the four of them hear some commotion outside and Tony approaches the door and jumps into the scene outside.

But there are some more interesting things that you might otherwise fail to catch on. We also get a glimpse of Proxima Midnight, the one who throws the spear-like weapon to the shadowy figure, later revealed as Captain America. This means Thanos is not alone.

Well for now all we can say that Infinity war is a big deal of massive superhero team-up. And it is much confusing to understand what happens in this puzzle of events. Let’s wait for the upcoming movie and stay finger-crossed till then!

Watch the trailer below:

Stay tuned for the updates.

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