Intel’s 2018 CES Event: Everything You Need To Know


Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, has expressed at CES 2018 that technology is building the future of transportation, healthcare, sports, and entertainment. This article will tell you how Intel is unlocking the power of data to create amazing innovations and change our lives.

Mr. krzanich has addressed the security issue at the opening of huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where 180,000 people from tech industry gathered.

Meltdown and Spectre are problems inside modern computers- the Central Processing Unit (CPU) because they allow hackers to access sensitive data in the chip’s memory.

Google’s Research highlighted how a hacker may exploit the flaw to get encryption codes, passwords etc. Intel’s research highlights vulnerabilities, which affect the chips of modern PCs and mobiles.

According to Mr. Krzanich, “Security is job number one for Intel and our industry, so the prime focus of our decisions and discussions have been to keep our customer’s data safe.”

Mr. Krzanich thanked the tech industry for coming together. Intel is planning to bring its most recent chips against Meltdown and Spectre by the end of the month. Krzanich has announced that Intel will launch Intel Studios for capturing 360-degree video and Intel Studio will have a powerful quantum chip.

He advised all computer users to apply security updates as quickly as possible in order to protect themselves from hackers.

Intel has explored new technologies, which use Intel’s products like “volumetric” video. It maps a scene in 3D.

Qubits, a unit of quantum information, in quantum computing take over from traditional bits. A Qubit is a two-state, which are vertical polarization and horizontal polarization states, quantum mechanical system. Qubits have a state of one or zero simultaneously. Like IBM and Google, Intel has been working on chips, which are 49- Qubit chips.

In order to offer revolutionary processing capabilities, a huge amount of qubits will be needed for a quantum computer. Mr. Krzanich has also discussed how Intel’s tech is being built into self-driving vehicles. Its rival Nvidia is working on self-driving cars like VW and Uber.

The Volocopter “flying taxi” flew on stage for a short while behind a protective barrier. The keynote kicked off CES last night when we saw 100 Shooting Star Mini Drones flying in unison. These drones don’t depend on GPS for navigation. Intel has partnered with Ferrari to have Artificial Intelligence drones.

Thus, we may conclude that Intel is entering an Artificial Intelligence revolution. We must open the power of data in order to empower the technology of future. Data will make amazing new experiences, which will change our daily lives. Advances in 5G connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality and autonomous driving will lead Intel to create such amazing new experiences. Using Artificial Intelligence, doctors can save lives of people based on patient’s DNA. Using 5G connectivity, the small cities will become cleaner, safer and more efficient. We can engage ourselves in different worlds through VR. Intel is going to develop technology, which will power each and every aspect of the connected world.

Watch the full keynote:

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