Razer’s Project Linda turns the Razer Phone into a laptop

Project Linda

This year at CES Razer came up with another eye-catching product code-named Project Linda. Project Linda is basically a laptop docking station for your Razer phone.

Razer said they are not planning to make a gimmicky gadget that just mirrors the smartphone’s display on the slightly bigger screen. They wanted to create an actual productive solution. The idea here is to dock the Razer phone in the touchpad area of the hybrid laptop and use two different screens to interact with it. Think of this as a more refined version of what we see in the latest generation MacBook Pro touch bars.

Designwise the Project Linda looks like a slightly modified version of Razer Blade Stealth. There is no physical power button provided in the chassis the laptop, on the other hand, uses the phone’s power button to operate. The other hardware changes include modified keyboard buttons to match Android navigations and a lack of speakers. Razer phone already has pretty loud front firing speakers so no complaints there. The device adds additional 200GB of onboard storage when the phone is docked.

We have seen some similar solutions by multiple hardware manufacturers in the past but this looks like Razer is actually onto something. That said, it is really hard to if the consumer version of Project Linda ever hits the market. Razer said they are eagerly looking for community feedback.

Razer Project Linda hands-on by Windows Central

Stay tuned for the updates.

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