Why Shouldn’t You Be Excited About The GeForce Now

GeForce Now

Last year at CES in 2017, Nvidia’s CEO, Jen Hsun Huang, declared the launch of GeForce Now for PCs. According to him, the majority of PCs can’t play modern games only because they aren’t able to support modern graphics cards. GeForce Now will enable the potential gamers to avail the opportunity of a cloud-based gaming service.

‘GeForce Now’ allows you to play lavish, glossy games even on a low-specced mac. There is no need for fresh hardware. It will also open the door to many great PC games.

At CES in 2018, Nvidia announced its free beta of the GeForce Now. Nvidia’s new game streaming service, GeForce Now will help you to play high-demanding games on low-end computers.

The cloud-based nature of GeForce Now service allows you to start a game on one device and end the game on another device.

Why Nothing To Be Excited About Actually?

Now the question is whether you should be excited about GeForce Now. The streaming quality of this service is not guaranteed. If you move far away from the wireless router, you will receive a warning message to get closer.

Nvidia’s  GeForce Now requires a set of rules. It requires dual-band wireless router, 10 Mbps connection speed, 20 Mbps for 720p or 50 Mbps for 1080 p, 60 frames per second etc. Thus it requires fast internet connections, which won’t be available from every country or remote locations.

Nvidia allows only one stream per account at the same time. You can’t stay idle because idleness for about 15 minutes will boot you from your session. Before stopping the game, you should hit a save.

GeForce Now service is in beta testing. While it is in beta, GeForce Now is completely free to download for Mac and PC. But it is going to cost you someday. The cost of GeForce Now subscription will be $25 for 20 hours at the entry level. For instance, the cost of GTX 1060 powered PC option will be $25 for 20 hours. On the other hand, the cost of GTX 1080 powered PC will be $25 for 10 hours.

This cloud-based game-streaming service is available for PC and Mac gamers in US and Europe only. Other countries may not get the opportunity ever or won’t be able to get the equivalent performances due to the dedicated server locations.

Therefore, Nvidia GeForce Now is going to be expensive and is available in limited countries. Due to a fast internet connection, it will not be accessed from anywhere.

The Bottom Line

As technically GeForce Now is impressive and it is completely free to download, it has now an overwhelming demand. In order to try the beta, you will get a current waitlist. Once installed, your game will start. Most games have graphics settings. AAA-rated PC games will be available on either low-end PC or Mac. Bear in mind, these games would require a full reinstallation every time you need to play. Before accessing Nvidia GeForce Now, you must know its drawbacks. It has a pleasant appeal to the entry-level gamers though.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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