CW’s The Flash is keep dropping Marvel comics references

The Flash

CW’s popular superhero TV series ‘The Flash’ is quite famous for dropping various pop-culture references and Easter eggs. From Doctor Who, Back To The Future to The Walking Dead and Titanic the show has used so many references making it, even more, fun to watch. But since past few episodes, the show has been dropping some huge Marvel comics references that are pretty hard to miss for even the casual nerds.

Previously, on the  “Girls Night Out” episode Felicity Smoak refers Caitlin and Killer Frost relationship as Hulk and Bruce Banner. Her exact words being, “Ooh! You’re like The Incredible Hulk!” This will surely bring a smile to every comic book nerd’s face. In tonight’s episode, Barry Allen himself used a big Marvel reference to define his feelings.

If you are not following the current season of The Flash then this could bring some potential spoilers, the recent episode titled “Therefore I Am” revolves around Barry Allen’s desperate attempts to reveal Clifford DeVoe’s true intentions. While for everyone else DeVoe seems like a normal professor in the wheelchair, Barry keeps trying to confront him for his motives.  Resulting in a lot of tension and divided opinions within the team flash.

Iris tries to convince him to leave the professor alone with his normal life to which Barry responds with, “my Spidey-Sense is tingling way off the charts.” Spider-Sense or Spidey-Sense as you know is one of Spider-Man’s most unique and prominent powers. It is kind of a sixth sense that allows Spider-Man to detect danger. Making this statement another huge Marvel reference in the DC’s TV universe.


They did it again in episode 16 ‘Run Iris Run’ where Cisco uses Spiderman 2 reference to explain how the idea of another DIY “Thinking Cap” could go wrong.


Stay tuned for the updates.

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