Netflix’s Hidden Gem: Honest Review of Spanish Production La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)

Money Heist

La Casa de Papel the Spanish TV series that Netflix acquired recently, certainly deserves a review and here you have one. This precariously addictive TV series that follows a hoist. The so-called “Money Heist” in English. Heist has become the local pronunciation for the hoist.


*Update: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Part 2 is coming to Netflix on April 6

*Minor spoilers ahead!

Brief Intro

The Spanish word La Casa de Papel means thieves and paper in English. How a group of dacoits organize and execute a robbery of the century, by entering the Majestic bundle of Spain, to steal euros in billions. In a simple form, the way in which they print the euros in billions to loot them. The mastermind behind the sketch is a sly professor. He plays an enticing chess game against Raquel Murrillo, the inspector. The hostages go desperately to fulfill any demand of the gang to rescue themselves.

Top 3 Reasons That Makes It Appealing

  1. La Casa de Papel showcases a harmonic presentation, ego clashes, and new fictitious names for robbers.
  2. For those who love suspense and thrillers, this show is a must-watch.
  3. Those who have an aesthetic eye also must not miss watching the show for its colour palette.


  • Every episode will make you scratch your head and wait to see what happens next. You will gasp for breath with the suspense created in the show.
  • The El Professor is the best character, who makes this show reach great heights. He plans so meticulously that one will feel terrible to see the police inspector struggling to find the roots. He understands the police strategy, psychology, and ballistics and thus rocks the stage. This man leaves you at the edge of the seat, by adding tension fuel to the entire show.
  • Also, the interaction between professor and inspector Murrillo makes you feel delightful, yet frustrating, and flirtatious. A mix of all emotions.
  • All the characters do their job just correctly, and everyone got equal opportunity to exhibit their talent.


  • Few of the gang members remain extraordinarily annoying and continuously try to jeopardize the entire sketch. Due to irritation, you will even yell at sometimes.
  • Mainly to make a mention of the Tokyo, irresolute, blemished and nastiest among all.
  • Unnecessary subplots dealing with romantic angles deviate from the main storyline.
  • Needless to say, how horrible ARTURO looks.
  • The hostages add frustration to the show and not offer any value.

By And Large

There remain only three episodes to reach the concluding portion of the first season; La Casa de Papel deserves a score of 8.5 on 10. Even though the romance part and the hostage’s role irritate, it’s worth a watch for the mastermind’s actions.

This show is filled with action, thrill, and apprehension and can make the viewer glued to the seat. It will take time to recover and feel the real world when one gets involved with watching the show. Watch the trailer to decide by yourself if you want to view the series further.


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