What Makes One Piece One of The Best Anime Ever?

One Piece

In the recent years, One Piece has gained immense attention and bagged the position of number one Manga. The audience has been witnessed keeping itself updated with One Piece. But, have you ever wondered why exactly is One piece one of the best anime ever? Below mentioned are a few factors which justify the reason for the popularity and responsiveness this anime has attained in the following years.

Exceptional Story plot:

Written by Eiichiro Oda, this pirate adventure manga was established in July 1997. A blend of love and excelled principle, “One piece” is an adventurous journey divided into two halves – Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga and The Final Sea: The New World Saga. The theme of the anime is inspired by the classic mythology followed with music as well as political aspects.

Appealing Characters:

The characters are a significant aspect which ensures the success or failure of the story. One piece is blessed with some of the most attractive characters whose performance has made the anime a must-watch. Luffy – One of the favorite characters – showcase a cheerful and friendly characteristic. He is best known for simplicity and never giving up attitude. Also, he stands by his friends and fights for them as and when required. Apart from Luffy, there is a team of the supportive characters who play their respective roles to make the anime wonderful. Some of those characters are:

  • Roronoa Zoro: Swordsman
  • Sabo: Chief of Staff
  • Akainu: Admiral
  • Edward Newgate: Captain of Whitebeard pirates
  • Don Quixote Do flamingo: Former King of Dressrosa
  • Pica: Executive – Don Quixote pirates

However, there are numerous characters which are an effective part of Luffy’s crew.

Exotic power play:

The story plot keeps a viewer interested throughout the anime. The scenarios are incredibly entertaining where the characters showcase the power of teamwork and determination to overcome the hardships.

Credits: Duniaku

Oda’s Art of Storytelling:

Oda’s art of Storytelling is the ultimate game changer for One Piece. The mannerism he follows while extracting and representing the plot is an inspiration to all the aspirants. His vision is the definitive gateway to an exceptional story wherein, he plays amazingly well in plotting suspense, while on the other hand, he ensures that zeal is instilled in the final suspense relieving day. Oda, also ensures, that there are adequate connections with the past as well as future happenings to keep the story interesting throughout.

What else makes Oda’s Storytelling is his constant movement in the story. The story does not stretch or make a viewer wait for the twists. The twists and suspense keep revolving around the characters followed by breath-taking mysteries.

One piece, undoubtedly, is what a viewer seeks for, with an assortment of extraordinary characters. The anime is an exclusive journey of hardship, love, and loss which has been smartly crafted by Oda. The aspects mentioned above justify the reason behind the emerging viewership and reasons why One piece is one of the best anime ever.

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