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God of War

Sony Santa Monica has remained tight-lipped for so long so that the God of War 4 game for PS4 will speak for itself. Fans of God of War have been waiting for the game to be developed for PS4 and there are a few surprises that will not fail to enthrall the fans. With stunning graphics, attention to detail and compelling gameplay, God of War 4 is worth the wait.

Before you jump to buy God of War 4, you need to know a few things that dramatically change the gameplay. If you have played the prequels of this game, you should be prepared to spend some time in learning to play the new game because there are a few control changes that you must know.

  • Axe replaces yoyo blades – Kratos has been fighting with yoyo blades in the previous versions and this time, he gets unchained axe called Leviathan. The pleasure of throwing the axe at the enemy and getting it back like Thor’s hammer must be experienced. He has a shield that is extremely useful in combat. The capabilities and magical abilities of the axe can be upgraded.
  • Atreus, Kratos’ son – The son of Kratos, Atreus follows his father on the mission and he comes with a quiver full of arrows. Your enemies can be crushed as Kratos along with Atreus participate in the combat. The relationship between Kratos and Atreus will definitely make you smile while playing the game.
  • Free roaming camera – In the new God of War 4, the camera is no longer locked and this may come as a shock to ardent fans. Now, players will have absolute control of the camera that provides over-the-shoulder look. Combat scenarios will be even more engaging, thanks to the camera without cuts.
  • Mythology change – In the previous versions of the game, the storyline follows Greek mythology. Now, with God of War 4, Kratos will explore Norse mythology. You will spend a lot of time in Midgard, but you can explore other realms as well. Kratos is still a Spartan with so much rage that can make any combat interesting.
  • Boats replace swimming – In the new game, Kratos won’t be swimming much as he has to accompany his son. The father and the son travel in boats to cross the seas. The conversations between these two will be intense and it will aid in engaging gameplay.
  • Lengthier game – The previous PSP titles were shorter with about 8-10 hour of running time. The new game is expected to have a running time of 25-30 hours of running time because of the new optional boss battles. God of War boss battles are always popular, but the new optional battles will make it more exciting.
  • Unbelievable graphics – The animation and graphics of God of War are always of high quality, but this is the best looking PS4 game with PS4 Pro support. You can enjoy the game at 4K resolution with 4K TV. If you have a 1080p TV, then you should not miss your chance of playing the game in HDR.


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