The new iPhones cost almost 40% extra in India!

Apple recently announced the three new iPhones for the upcoming year. All three models, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR now feature edge to edge bezel-less design. 

With the extraordinary specification bumps, the new iPhones also got the extraordinary price bumps. The top variant of the iPhone XS Max will cost you $1,449 which is equivalent to the 256GB 13-inch MacBook Pro!

What is worst that if you live in countries like India, you will end up paying 40% extra for these new iPhones (depending on the current currency rate). Please refer the following chart for the pricing details,

iPhone 2018 prices:

iPhone model Price in USD Converted to INR Actual price in India
XS 64GB $999 72000* ₹ 99,900
XS 256GB $1149 82000* ₹ 1,14,900
XS 512GB $1349 97000* ₹ 1,34,900
XS Max 64GB $1099 79000* ₹ 1,09,900
XS Max 256GB $1249 90000* ₹ 1,24,900
XS Max 512GB $1449 104000* ₹ 1,44,900
XR 64GB $749 54000* ₹ 76,600
XR 128GB $799 57000* ₹ 81,900
XR 256GB $899 64800* ₹ 91,900

It’s clear from the above prices that Apple is slowly on its way to becoming the ultimate luxuary tech company. Stay tuned for the updates.

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