Favorite Tech of 2018 – OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

For all the techie people who are into buying new and upcoming gadgets as well as tech equipment, the all-new OnePlus Wireless Bullets Earphones are the highlight of this year. Lending the users complete freedom from wires and charging stress, the Wireless Bullets Earphones promise an exceptional and unparalleled audio experience. The most mind-boggling aspect of Bullets is that with merely 10 minutes of charge, you can enjoy your music for more than 5 hours.

Let’s check out the complete review of these impressive set of earphones!


  • Makes Your Life Easier
    OnePlus Bullets have been designed to give the users a supremely comfortable experience by giving you all the power, freedom and convenience. It has been designed keeping comfort and durability in mind, and it is super easy for users to switch between calls, music and Google Assistant. No base is left uncovered with Bullets.
  • Magnetic Control
    Bullets also come with an amazing magnetic control feature that allows users to control their music and enjoy the utmost level of comfort. You are no longer required to press the pause button in order to stop the music on your phone. All you have to do is clip the earphones magnetically together in order to turn the music off. Whenever you wish to resume the music, simply separate the Bullets.
  • Amazing Battery Time
    This is probably the most impressive feature of Bullets Earphones. With just a few minutes of charging, you can enjoy a listening time of more than five hours. Additionally, if you manage to charge the earphones fully, these earphones promise a listening time of more than 8 hours. You can charge your wireless earphones with a regular USB-C cable.
  • Clear Sound Quality Without Wires
    Another reason to buy the Bullets Earphones is its superior quality without the use of any wires. OnePlus has created a wireless product that effectively combines convenience and quality. This ensures that the users get the best of both the worlds and they can enjoy their favorite music on the move without sacrificing on comfort or quality.
  • Energy Tube
    Energy Tube is another exciting feature that comes with the OnePlus Wireless Bullets Earphones. When you hear the audio through the earphones, the Energy Tube is responsible for absorbing all the stray sound waves. This helps in minimizing the level of distortion. These earphones also come with premium and top-notch 9.2 mm drivers that lend a richer and fuller base experience.


As already established above, the Bullets Earphones are extremely comfortable and exceptionally convenient. Because of their wireless feature, they make life easier and give the users immense freedom and power. It is also easy to switch between calls and music easily to avoid any hassle. In addition to that, the earphones come with the smooth and fast performance of OnePlus which makes these earphones ideal for everyday use.


At just $69 (₹3,990), these earphones are definitely a value for money. The little extra that you end up spending will give you great features in a solid and durable pair of earphones.



If you have ever owned a OnePlus phone or it’s accessories, you already know the right choice when it comes to Wireless Bullets. With an affordable price and impressive performance, these earphones are a must-buy!

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