Day One of CES 2019 – Our Favourites

CES 2019 - #Day 1

CES 2019 begins today, i.e., on 8th January and ends on 12th January this year according to the Indian Standard Time. It is Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and it is already in full swing. A lot is going on behind the scenes from Las Vegas, Nevada and the attendees are in for packed expo halls with an ostentatious excess that CES is known for!

Monday saw a lot of press conferences and media events to cover everything that will take place from today. It can be said that yesterday was the first unofficial day of CES, and the event will begin today in all its glory. CES 2019 is expected to be power packed with a lot of news and shimmering, sparkling objects as far as the eye can see. Some highlights of the show are as follows:

  • You will hear quite a bit about ‘XR.’
  • You can finally buy the electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson that you always wanted.
  • Intel reveals its very first product with 3D chip-stacking technology.
  • Bell Helicopter is all set to get into the business of flying taxi.
  • Samsung unvield new 4K TVs with MicroLED technology and support for Apple’s wireless AirPlay 2.
  • Hyundai reveals its concept of a walking car .

Other than all these revelations and innovations in the field of technology, few others are definite temptations for all the tech-savvy people throughout the world. Let’s check out some of them!


CES would not be the grand show that it is without a good number of innovative PCs. Lenovo’s 4th generation ThinkPad is a convertible laptop and the company’s first ThinkPad ever. It comes with an impressive unibody aluminum chassis and a substantially smaller footprint as compared to the previous version of ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Lenovo has also recently announced launching an all-new version of its ThinkPad Carbon X1. It is ridiculously lightweight at just 2.4 pounds.


This 8K TV by LG is definitely a piece of equipment that deserves a good amount of ogling. CES 2019 turned into an event of grander promotions when the attendees got to look at the massive 88-inch OLED TV by LG. The TV is so massive that it comes with its own stand which is also responsible for redirecting its downwards firing speakers. Given its impressive facade, the features do not disappoint either. It comes with Alexa/Google connectivity, WiSA wireless speaker compatibility, and the A9 Gen2 Processor.

5G Routers

It might be a bit difficult to get excited about 5G and routers separately but 5G Routers when put together succeed in garnering a lot of interest. The 5G N Enhanced Gateway by D-Link is another showstopper of CES 2019. This 5G Router is expected to hit humungous speeds that make it 40 times faster than the average household broadbands in the US that go up to a speed of 70Mbps.

Final Words

CES 2019 definitely feels like a show that was worth the wait. It showcases everything from flying taxis to smart mirrors and Lumini, which is an AI skin care assistant. The remaining days of the show are definitely going to be memorable.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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