Nandoo: The app that gives you rewards for walking!


While randomly surfing the Google play store we came across this cool new app call “Nandoo” that gives you rewards for walking. So we instantly decided to download it and give it a shot and boy are we impressed by it!

The app exactly does what it says, it rewards you to walk. Depending on your step counts the rewards starts at 50 rupees coupons ranging all the way up to an iPhone XS.

We thought it is a really unique and clever idea and wanted to know the story behind it. Luckily we got in touch with Yashika, the cofounder of Nandoo and here is what she has to say,

Disclaimer: It may sound like it but this is by no means a paid promotion!  We are just really excited about the concept.

“Nandoo- is the only app in India that rewards you for walking and taking care of yourself. We charge exactly Zero rupees to join & use, so it is 100% free for members!

In today’s world, there is always some crazy 3 am deadline or some excel/ PowerPoint/ report/ feature release that has to be submitted ASAP leaving literally no time for us to take care of ourselves & our healths. So, in order to shake things up and bring about a Wellness Revolution in India, we decided to marry the things we LOVE (Deals) with that we HATE (Working Out) to create this beautiful app (Nandoo). If we make even 0.000001% of Indian millennials – happy and healthy, our mission would be accomplished! (Literally like 3 people, but we digress 😂)

The app is a very simple to use- every member gets 10 minutes/day to walk. Walk as much and as fast as you can during those 10 minutes. Your steps walked within that time period gets logged in the app and you can then convert the cumulative steps to redeem a gift card. We are working with some of the most amazing companies such as Swiggy, FoodPanda, Uber, Ola, Amazon, Bombay Shaving Co, TGL, Raw Pressery, Insider.In among a host of other reward partners, to get you the most exciting and unique rewards for all the hard work you are putting in for your health.

The reason we decided to start off with 10 minutes is because downside of having amazing jobs is that we are always extremely busy. Finding time can be challenging and so we decided to start small with encouraging our members to walk 10 minutes per day … because come on, who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare?

The reason we are focused on walking (vs. running) is because not everyone can run/enjoys running. And to make the adoption of a health-based mindset as easy and as less intimidating as possible, we are focused on walking. Walking is something that most people can easily do in their day to day lives without any hassle, so we want to go deeper with that and create a focused fitness approach around walking.

What we absolutely love and gives us immense joy is to hear from our members who have witnessed a positive impact on their lives and their health through our app. What we also love hearing is about any future features, bugs or just things in general that can help us make the Nandoo app even more robust. So if you have anything you would like to share, don’t hesitate to email us at!

We are currently based out of New York City, with two of our cofounders being Indians and the other two being Americans who LOVE India!”

– Yashika

You can download the app here:

Stay tuned for the updates.

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