Spotify Is Finally Here in India, And We Are Wondering Why It Took So Long

Music lovers know that Spotify is an online music streaming software that offers an amazing recommendation engine of an ad-free and high-quality music experience. It is finally accessible to Indian users, and in addition to rejoicing, aficionados are left wondering why it took so long.

The launch of Spotify in India was neither a smooth nor a seamless journey. From the Warner Music Group asking Indian courts of law to block Spotify as a streaming service in India to several other copyright issues in the country, Spotify has seen a messy and challenging advent into the Indian market. This is the underlying reason why Indian users were deprived of the fantastic music experience that Spotify offers. That said, Spotify has emerged victorious and now prevails in India for all music enthusiasts.

Some highlights of Spotify are as follows:

  • It has an incredible recommendation engine which is perhaps its most significant advantage.
  • It also offers an extensive number of apps to users across multiple platforms.
  • The premium subscribers of Spotify can also enjoy access to an ad-free and high-quality music experience.

Having said all that, should you make the switch from the music streaming app you use to Spotify? Truth be told, Spotify has a good number of things that are going for it such as collaborative playlists, curated playlists as well as being able to play all the stored music files locally. The smart music recommendation of Spotify is also a clear USP in addition to the number of apps it has to offer to its users.

So, we would say that while Spotify definitely wins with a lot of advantages in its corner, if you already have a music streaming app that you are happy with, there are not too many incentives that tempt a user to switch apps. However, you can still try out the free plan of Spotify and see if it takes your fancy now that it is FINALLY in India!

Stay tuned for the updates.

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